Price: $99.95 (as of 14/10/2019 06:01 PST- Details)

UNMATCHED BLADE PROTECTION: Bending Branches’ Rockgard technology protects the tip of the blade from damage, cracking, and abuse, and prolongs the life of a paddle 6x longer than a paddle without it.
BENT SHAFT PADDLE: Bent shaft canoe paddles are ideal for long touring trips on flat or slow-moving waters. Our 11 degree bend paddles enter the water quicker and allows you to push more water and get more forward trust, translating into less strain on your body.
WORLD CLASS QUALITY & DESIGN: Bending branches offers a rustic, natural paddle made from the most beautiful and durable upper Wisconsin wood, sealed with highly protective commercial grade varnish. The result is a highly a sleek, buoyant, sturdy paddle specifically engineered for maximum efficiency with every stroke

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